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I offer a holistic systems approach to helping leaders gain deeper awareness about their ways of working and thinking, specifically focusing on how their actions impact their effectiveness in achieving desired business results. I am here to listen and help customize a solution to your professional and organizational needs.

I have worked with diverse US and international companies. Supporting one, as a staff member, from a startup of 200 employees through 2 acquisitions, to become part of a $7B corporation with 30,000 employees.

I am passionate about

Leadership Development

My approach to Development is not only seeking to improve performance in a role but to bring about personal and professional growth that increases the potential of an employee and equips them to be better individuals.

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... My hope is that maybe someday, I will be someone else's Tess.
Participant, Leadership Development Program

Executive Coaching

I work one on one with my clients to create a personalized developmental experience for leaders who have taken on a new role, who must broaden their scope of responsibility, who need to increase their leadership capability or expand their leadership presence.

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Organization Development

I partner with organizations and offer customized solutions that shift behavior and align cultural beliefs, enabling teams to effectively assess and solve complex business challenges and execute on business strategies that achieve top and bottom line results.

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NEW! AlignmentYOU Virtual Coaching Program

Is there an alignment between your current professional work, your life purpose, and your personal values?  We believe that if there is, you are unstoppable.  Join us in diving deeper in this concept and how it shows up in your life.  Individuals who recognize the importance of aligning work with personal values often implement strategies to foster a deeper connection.

You will leave this workshop with language defining your leadership brand and who you stand for as an individual.  

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Leaders THRIVE!

A Leadership Development Program focusing on leaders at all levels of experience who are ready to up their game.


Relationships Past and Present

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