verb, intransitive


"Definitions of thrive:

  • to grow vigorously, to flourish, or to be successful
  • to prosper
  • to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances - often used with on:
    // thriving on chaos


 Are You Ready to Thrive?

In today’s business environment, if you’re not developing, you’re dying.

Thrive is an intensive 4-day Leadership Development program designed to provide current and future leaders with the tools needed to inspire and lead their team and organization, today and into the future. Thrive is designed to be provocative. The degree to which you will experience a personal change in your leadership is entirely up to you.

Vermont Businesses - You may qualify for a 50% tuition discount through a Vermont Training Program Business Grant from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development. Contact me for further information.

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce members qualify for a tuition discount. See Registration information near the bottom of this page.

What are the goals and objectives of Thrive?

The goals of the program include, but are not limited to:

      • Understanding the role of leadership in organizational success
      • Developing greater self-awareness and competence in use-of-self as an instrument of change
      • Increasing one's ability to recognize and manage emotions
      • Learning how to develop a high performing team
      • Creating new strategies using influence to deal with workplace situations
      • Gaining a deeper understanding of conflict styles and resolution techniques
      • Recognizing your own learning styles, strengths and challenges to create a personal learning plan

Who should attend?

This program is open to leaders who are ready for their next professional and personal growth experience. Our intent is to create a community that learns from each other during and after the program. A typical participant would have at least 3 direct reports and would be in the early to middle stages of their leadership journey.

Why should you invest in your leaders?

10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. 

Successful organizations don’t hire great leaders. Successful organizations grow their own great leaders. They grow them by investing in their development. With an aging workforce and earlier retirements, businesses are forced to face the questions of succession planning and knowledge transfer. Every organization is in the business of achieving results and those results are achieved through amazing employees who are led and inspired by effective leaders. So, the question is, why are you not investing in your leaders?

How can the program help my professional development?

Talented professionals are frequently promoted into leadership positions based upon their expertise and performance, but many soon discover their past experience has not adequately prepared them for the expanded demands and broad set of skills necessary to successfully address the challenges of managing and motivating employees. Thrive helps individuals identify and clarify their leadership challenges, create a plan for improvement and strengthen their ability to get results that matter.

What is the curriculum?

Thrive is highly intensive and experiential. The program is four days, offered in two 2-day sessions with a 30 day “Intra- Session” period. Development methods include exercises, lectures, skill-practice sessions, readings, self-study, reflection, intra-session assignments, and various dialogue forums. We pride ourselves on responding to participants’ interests and energy regarding what subject matter we present, but we maintain a set of “anchor” topics in the curriculum, including;

      • Core Foundations of Leadership
      • Leading Difficult Conversations
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Influence and Impact
      • Leading Through Change
      • Feedback and Accountability
      • 1:1 Coaching

What is the difference between training and development?

Both training and development are necessary for the growth of a leader. However, they have different purposes and therefore address different needs. Training is the process of teaching a specific task or transferring knowledge. Training is a short term, tactical effort to address today’s business needs. Development is the progressive growth of acquiring a set of skills. Development is a long term, strategic effort focused on tomorrow’s business results.  Thrive is a leadership development program.

Who will be leading this program?

Lead instructors Harold Hill, M.B.A. and Tess Weinisch, M.S.O.D are Organization Development consultants focused on developing leaders and their teams to drive business results through strategic initiatives and organizational alignment.

Consulting and coaching leaders since the mid-90s, their collective clients represent a broad spectrum of industry sectors and organizations. They will be joined by guest instructors who specialize in relevant areas of expertise.

How is this program different from other offerings?

Thrive limits the size of each cohort to ensure personalized attention and an optimum faculty to participant ratio. The customized content incorporates the latest in industry best practices and lessons learned. The “intra-session” component enables enhanced real-world experience in the setting that matters the most, your organization.

Registration Information

Registration Deadline:  Cohort 2 - March 20th, 2020

Tuition: $3,500** per participant (inclusive of all materials, assessments, and meals)

Vermont Businesses - You may qualify for a grant that will cover 50% of program tuition through a Vermont Training Program Business Grant.  Please visit the VTP website for eligibility information. Then, contact Tess directly if interested in using this benefit!

**Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce members - confirmed members save 15%.


Cohort 2:  CANCELLED

Cohort 3: Sept 22,23 and Oct 20, 21

Participants must attend ALL four dates.

Location: TBD - The site will be in Chittenden County, Vermont. If you have space you would be willing to let the program use, please contact Tess for a discounted participant fee.

How can I learn more and register?

To register, email Tess directly! To speak with someone immediately, register by phone or learn about customized options, contact us!

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